The future of U.S. domestic oil and gas production can be found in the Deep Water Canyon of the western Gulf of Mexico. Canyon Port is an operational marine deep water port, oil and gas complex, and supply and logistics facility ideally situated to explore that future today, with the location, expertise, and technology to make the most of this dawning opportunity.

Led by Canyon Supply & Logistics (CSL), a group of experienced and recognized industry professionals, Canyon Port is a state-of-the-art former naval base located just outside of Corpus Christi, a mere 100 nautical miles from the huge reserves being discovered in the Peridido deep water canyon. These emerging reserves will exponentially enhance the amount of domestic oil and gas production in the Gulf, helping to lower costs and to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and resultant involvement with the geopolitical destabilizations in the Middle East.

Canyon Port will also serve to limit the cost in dollars and environmental impact of supplying the deep water drilling rigs. The port’s proximity to the Perdido basin limits the travel time for supply vessels and the response time for emergency personnel in the event of potential accidents in the region.

With headlines daily decrying the volatility in oil-rich nations, environmental crises, and the rising costs of oil and gas, Canyon Port is poised to provide necessary short-term solutions to many of the most vital energy needs facing the nation.